Naomi Lancet

The Art of an Eccentric Lifestyle
 of a Japanesy Kiteboarding Gypsy.
Working passionately while traveling worldwide.


There's too many wonderful things to do, to experience, to see in this world, and somehow by posting on this bizarre phenomenon called the I'net (aka Internet) I hope my dreams, aspirations, and future adventures do come into reality. 

I recently started blogging at Kite for the Soul.

Besides trying to improve my kiteboarding riding skills, I have been an avid follower of entrepreneurial bloggers, especially those that want to make a social difference, specifically social entrepreneurship. 

Having been interested in start-up companies, entrepreneurism, and online marketing techniques lead me to obsessively follow entrepreneurial bloggers.  I assisted the launching of Natalie Sisson with her Suitcase Entrepreneur Podcast Series editing her podcast and writing blog posts on her website.  Also, completed a web design for a book agency, Top Line Creative.
Other than that, these are the places I have lived and traveled so far.

0-18     Tokyo, Japan
19-21   Los Angeles, California with my lovely grandparents
22        San Francisco, California
23        Santiago, Chile (3 months backpacking Brazil)
24        San Francisco
25        Hakuba, Japan (2 months kitesurfing in Pranburi, Thailand)
26        Montreal, Israel, Portugal
27.       Egypt, San Francisco, Hood River, Maui

....I wander where I will settle down.


Mini Bio:  Just a wanderer from Tokyo.  Naomi loves following entrepreneurial bloggers, kitesurfing, and learning as much as she can about web creation and online marketing.  She loves meeting new people, especially those with their own projects changing lives a step at a time.  She is constantly seeking something to challenge herself.  She speaks Japanese, English, Spanish fluently, conversational level Portuguese and currently following the wind globally to teach season by season the amazing sport of kiteboarding.